White Chicken chili. There is not a thing not to love about this one. Except eating too much of it. White Chicken chili is a staple when we go fall camping. It’s filling, it’s easy to can, and it’s nice and warm in your belly. This is a kids friendly meal if your kids like chicken. Even if they don’t, they may eat it. My kids like to eat it like a dip with tortilla chips. Don’t forget to throw a bag of these in when you’re writing the grocery list. So good with chips!

One large can Northern Beans (These can be somewhat hard to find. They are near the kidney beans, usually on the lower shelf and in a large glass gar with a red/white label, white beans.)
One large jar of salsa
Two small or one large brick of pepper jack cheese (You can use a more mild cheese like Monterey jack along with one brick of pepper jack if you want it less spicy!)
Two large cans chunked chicken (You can use fresh chicken here, cut it up, cook- but we go for easy when prepping for camp sometimes!)
Salt and pepper to taste

Cube cheese into small pieces or slices
Throw all in stock pot
Cheese will melt, continue to stir while cooking
Chili is done when cheese is completely melted.