I love banana bread. The toddler loves banana bread, and the big boys love banana bread. I try to make it every couple of weeks as an after school snack and quick breakfast option. When I came across a pinterest photo of banana chocolate chip muffins, I had to give it a try. These grab-able snacks have quickly become a favorite and my boys can’t stop eating them.

I neglected to take any photos while making them this time, as Greyson James was in my face demanding bites, and taking all of the kitchen utensils out of the drawer to see how they looked on the floor. I did, however, get to steal a couple before they were gone to take a finished product photo:

I like to use muffin tin liners, just so they don’t stick together when I put them in the cookie jar. You can do it without them though as well. This recipe doesn’t make a TON, but they are probably enough if you don’t have a giant army of boys. In either case, I sometimes make two batches, one after another. I haven’t tried doubling it because I don’t think it would all fit in my stand mixer at the same time.

These have seriously become one of those things the boys always ask for as a snack. The only hard part of this recipe is getting these to last in the house longer than a day! They are so easy to make. I hope your family loves them too!