Forest Preschool: An outdoor adventure

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I've been working a lot of hours recently, admittedly. Catching up on wedding editing is in full force and Greyson hangs with Grandmas Tuesday-Thursday so I can work. On Monday's and Friday's though- It's our time. We love the outdoors so much. Camping is our jam. We also like to hike and snowshoe and [...]

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Mount Rainier National Park 46.8800° N, 121.7269° W Looks Like Film Series A compilation of photos from our ventures West that remind me of the majestic beauty of the park. It is in these spaces the world really reminds us both how small we are - and how amazing the earth around us is. [...]

From wired child to wild child.

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This is what I might call my next book in my quest to find a way to wean my children off of Fortnite. I watched "The Minimalists" documentary on Netflix the other day. Not only do shows like that and Marie Kondo’s "Tidying up" make everyone want to throw everything they own out a [...]

Our Family travels…and films.

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This week I made updates to our family travel video. We LOVE to have a camera with us when we travel. Anyone else? There's also just something about filming that is so raw and real later on down the road when these boys are older that I know I'll love watching. Making a family [...]