8915 N Business 31
Pentwater MI 49449

Date Visited: 2014, 2013, 2012

Recreation Passport required: No- Private campground

Rustic/Modern cabins: No
Rustic/Modern campsites: YES
Kid- Friendly: YES
Bike/Scooter Friendly: YES

Hill and Hollow is a beautiful family friendly campground just outside of the adorable little town of Pentwater.

If you’ve never been to Pentwater, it’s a MUST visit. They have all kinds of gift shops, a great wine shop, giant candy store for kids, and one of my kids favorite bookstore’s in Michigan- Storybook Village.

Besides the cute downtown, Pentwater has one of the most fantastic Lake Michigan Beaches. It’s wonderful in the summer.

On to the campground though!

Hill and Hollow is split into two sides. There is a main road that splits the campground virtually in half. There are even two pools, and two playgrounds. One is on each side. The main side of the campground though does include a small camp store, basketball courts, and AJ’s Family Fun Center. AJ’s includes mini golf and go karts.

We have stayed on both sides of this campground. I really like the more quiet pool at the non-main side of the campground. The pool has a small cafe that is really nice to order a sandwich or snack at while at the pool. This side of the campground is also a bit more quiet as well. The main side of the campground also has a great pool and many many activities the kids can ride bikes to.

This campground is a busy one, so if you aren’t a big fan of crowds and are looking for more of a nature setting, this one probably isn’t it. That being said though, we continue to come back here over the fourth of July for the fun atmosphere. We love going to fireworks right on lake Michigan. Leave a bit early, park as close as you can to town and TAKE YOUR BIKES! We generally will ride quite a way from the car to the beach, and then back afterwards. It’s an amazing fireworks show- the best I have ever seen, reflecting over the big lake. The boys love it year after year!