A couple of weeks ago, I looked around the house and was a little overwhelmed by all of the projects I had going on. I decided to Pinterest. On a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in hand, to “Pinterest” is getting lost in your coffee and your ideas. It’s putting aside projects that should be done for projects that you WANT to do. So that happened…then this happened.

The Ball Camp camper is a 2011 Jayco Jay Flight. This thing is NOT old friend. It’s not vintage. But it is ugly. Why are campers so stock? So boring? SO Brown. Really Brown.

Stock Camper Photo

Stock Camper Photo

I love airstreams. And Shastas. A lot. I day dream about owning one and renovating the thing like crazy. But then, I have a camper. A camper I can renovate NOW. Why not? So we started it. We started taking pieces and parts off, starting with the ugly head board. It was easy to take apart. Why was it so easy? Strange…we kept tearing it apart and then came the idea for the pallet head board. We decided to do a faux-pallet wood headboard, due to the un-wanted chemicals in pallets that we just didn’t want near our bed.
We went to home depot and purchased these 1×6 pine boards:
I had this stain laying around so we wiped it on wiped it off. It’s easy, there is NO art to it. Mix water in with some to make it thiner. Leave some on a while before wiping it off, and wipe some off right away. It turned out very mixed and we loved it!

IMG_6920 IMG_6921

There was a lot of cutting that followed, and while that was going on, I started to paint. I removed hardware and doors, sanded them down just a bit, and started painting the cabinets.

The cabinet paint is Behr Alkyd semi-gloss enamel paint. It’s a bit sticky and works great o