Sometimes I browse Craigslist. Not because we need anything in particular but because sometimes there are gems. Cute little gems disguised as junk on wheels. I came across an ad I thought Mr. Ball should see. I emailed it over. I got a text that he was on his way to Ithaca. This is how the story of us owning the 77 Jayco Wren came to be.


A couple of hours went by and I hadn’t heard from Ian, which seemed a little strange, and I was genuinely curious. I called him on my way home from work and he acted as though he was waiting for the seller to show up. He explained a little bit about how much work this little find might be, but that it was likely a steal for the cost, if we had the vision to fix it up. I left it up to him, after all he did drive to see it without me, and continued on my way home.

The boys and I pulled in the driveway, and there she was. Mr. Ball was already driving home with this little piece of junk on wheels when I called him. I wasn’t even mad. Look at that cute vintage find.


You’re probably thinking we’re a little crazy. Maybe. Or you’re thinking we’re a lot crazy. You might not even think it’s cute. But let’s just peak inside. I’m going to agree with you on the not cute factor here. Let’s just get it out of the way. The inside is a dump. This thing will be completely gutted. I’m not certain there’s any one portion of it we will keep. Maybe the cabinet handles. Those are a little bit cute. Step inside…

Straight across from the door is a cabinet to house what I think would fit a mini fridge along with some cabinets for storage. To the left is a counter with sink, and fold down couch which turns into a bed. The mattress looks pretty cozy no? I kid. Don’t worry- It’s now in the garbage.


In the back left corner there’s also some sort of bathroom. By bathroom I mean it’s a small closet looking space that someone put a composting toilet in. I see a closet in it’s future.
This is the only space we noticed where there may be water damage to the ceiling. I’m crossing my fingers it’s easily repairable.