370 W 4 Mile Rd
Grayling, MI 49738

Phone: (989) 348-2157

As the end of September approaches and the back-to-school grind is in view, we often long for just one more carefree summer weekend. This year, we decided to party right up until the last possible minute.

The last weekend before school started we searched around for somewhere we hadn’t been before, as we’re always on the hunt for new places to add to our camping map. Whenever I ask the boys where they want to camp I get a unison “Yogi Bear!” There are four Jellystone parks in Michigan, and we had only visited two of them.

We decided to check out Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground in Grayling. We tend to look for family campgrounds in areas where there’s a lot to do outside of just the campground, so I was a little nervous about there not being a lot to do in this area, but we went for it anyway. I could not have been more happy with our decision.

We got in to the campground after dark, but were impressed with the large site size right upon arrival. The site across the road from ours was hosting some sort of movie night. There was a large screen set up and it seemed as if all the campground kids were congregating. We lost Ethan and Nolan before we had even parked the camper.

When we woke up, we walked around and got a feel for things. The campground was clean, staff was friendly, and there were TONS of activities going on starting right in the morning all throughout the day. Activities included tie-dye T-shirts, games, wagon rides, and all kinds of fun for the boys. They were off to do a lot throughout the day, which gave Ian and I some odd down time that we weren’t used to! We sat around drinking coffee and I even read a few pages in my book.