Okay, that may not be the most creative name for a breakfast- but for this really simple, quick Saturday morning breakfast, I think it’s a pretty perfect name.

We mixed this recipe up while camping last summer, and made it this morning with little effort. While has browns sometimes take a little effort to get right, this one is pretty quick and simple to throw together. One thing we always have plenty of around here is eggs. Mix em up with hash browns and add whatever extras you like. When camping we added tomatoes and bacon. This morning it was sausage. Cheese mixes in this pretty well too if thats something you’re into. (Who doesn’t like cheese?)

Mix it up and enjoy!

6-8 Eggs- more or less depending on the size of your family and appetite!
1 roll Jimmy Dean Sausage or bacon
1 bag hash browns
Any extra veggies you like!


Cook hash browns according to package directions in one skillet.
In separate skillet, brown sausage. Once sausage is browned, drain and push to one side of skillet. Throw in eggs and cook in the other half of skillet.
Once eggs are cooked, add sausage and eggs to prepared hash browns.
Toss in any extras like shredded cheese, tomatoes, spinach, onion, peppers, etc.
Mix it all in. Nothing fancy looking about this dish!

Mr. Ball likes to top this with Tabasco. I’m not a fan, but he swears it’s the “best breakfast ever”. So try it if you like it and as always- Enjoy!