If you’ve never ventured across the bridge to the land of the UP in the winter, you’ve never experienced the magic of the quiet and peaceful world that is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

This past weekend we traveled north west to stay in a cabin for a little rest and relaxation in the Escanaba area with friends. Every time I cross the bridge, I can almost feel the stress melting away as you drive into unspoiled nature.

Right before we crossed though, the light and the fog was just right to snap this little gem of Old Mackinac Point Light.


It got dark quickly, and we arrived at the cabin in the dark. Upon opening the door of the car, we could hear the river roaring, I couldnt wait to wake up and see our surroundings. Little did we know how beautiful it would be.



Anyone with me on wanting to own that little cabin on the other side of the river?

Here’s our cozy little spot.


After a little breakfast, we headed out to get into nature. The snow was perfectly falling. The scene was quite beautiful.




We went out in search of the Peninsula point lighthouse. The little road out to the light was snow covered, and there were no tracks. We knew we were the first ones in a while to venture down it, just our kind of place.


Peninsula Point did not disappoint. It was a lovely little gem.



We were surprised to find this lighthouse open, in fact, there didn’t appear to be a door at all, so we got to climb to the top! I will warn though, that mid January at the top of a light on a point it is VERY cold and windy. Bring your gloves to avoid risking any kind of frost bite!