41382 W. M 123
Paradise MI, 49768



If you’re making a list of parks to visit in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, this is definitely a don’t-miss stop! I have to say that fall is the best time to visit this park although if you love the snow, the area is home to miles of snowmobile trails, cross-country skiing pathways and a host of winter fun during the cold months.

The Tahquamenon Falls State Park encompasses 46,179-acres stretching over 13 miles. It is the second largest of Michigan’s state parks.

This year we visited Tahquamenon Falls state park in the summer. We’ve been to the area before, but never camped here. We had no idea this campground was so popular. We sat up in the dark, and were surprised to find it so populated when we woke in the morning.

We really loved our site, it was grassy, flat, and even had a few trees to hang our hammock from. I should mention we tent camped! Really! For the first time since we’ve had kids. We ventured up with the Jetta, and did just fine without the camper. It was a really great adventure.

The boys met some friends who we’ve since kept in touch with since our trip. They had so much fun going to the playground, and venturing out onto the trails. There were a few times I’d wonder where they were and start to worry about them, but then I’d see them rolling by on their bikes. They had the best time.

The campground is right around the corner from the parking area and trails surrounding the upper and lower falls. There are many hikes with varying lengths and difficulty levels. The North Country trail goes through this area. We did some short hikes with the boys, and it is very kid friendly. You can hike as far or short as you’d like.

There is a nice gift shop at both the upper and the lower falls. The upper falls is even home to a brewery. There is food within the brewery in a restaurant setting, as well as a quick service food area for snacks at the upper falls.


There was boat rental within the state park. We didn’t do this but our camping neighbors did and said it was a lot of fun, and very affordable.

We had a lot of fun exploring this area, it’s definitely on our list of parks we will visit again and again. If you are UP bound and have not stayed at this State Park, don’t miss out!

For more info on this park, visit the DNR site here. A map can be found here.