I have a lot of goals always. Not just in January- but the new year tends to be a season of contemplativeness. It really draws our attention to the fresh start, the new year, and those things we wish to accomplish, to do better, or to be better at.

How do we make our goals plans? What can I do to make the things I want for 2019 happen?

My own 2019 Goals include:

Spend Less and live simply- Be content in this.
Eat Cleaner
Do good for my body- Yoga, Water, Green Tea
Be Present
Be less busy
Renew Passport for future travels and Canada camping
Make time for creativity
Spend time with Family and Friends

This month I’d like to first renew my passport. Then spend some time planning out camping trips for my family this summer. I want to be present with the boys. Less busy with weddings, which leads to more travel and blogging and creating. Being less busy and doing less also leads to less spending and living more simply.

Living simply=spending less money.

Working less= making less money but having more time.

Having more time= Being present, travel, being creative, blogging…and many other things.

Time. For me a lot of my goals tend to point to how I spend my time.

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” —Jackie French Koller

May we all spend our time how we wish- but wisely- giving attention to the time we have and just how important that is to life.

This post isn’t to tell you how to make your goals work, because I think we’re all always working that out. I don’t have a magic way to help you achieve your wants for 2019. I will be a cheerleader for you though. For my family and friends, for our tribe. My hope for you is that you find contentment in simple moments, find happy and joy in the simple, everyday that makes up your weeks, and months this year.

Lets all cheer each other on this year. Cheer on your neighboring treadmill runner who’s returning to the gym after months of not walking through that door. Cheer on your friend spending all their time trying to perfect their craft or start a business. Cheer on your friends who just want to spend less and live more simply. For all of us have goals – some the same and some different- but all important to us equally.

Cheers to your 2019!