I hate to admit it sometimes, but once in a while I get a little crazy about organizing. Like really crazy. I hate clutter. One of the things I and I think just about every Mom struggles with is Legos. Every other week I hear a Mom talking about how Legos are EVERYWHERE. Also, stepping on legos is the worst. It’s terrible. Really. Don’t try it at home. We have this Lego problem too. HAD this problem. Until today.

Today we went to Ikea. Fabulous, wonderful Ikea. With free daycare for an hour while you shop. And Cinnamon rolls. Oh yummy cinnamon rolls…

We were not searching for lego solutions initially, but we stumbled upon these cute little bins:
Look at how they look just like Legos! They were also $3 for three bins. Score.

I got to work when we got home organizing the new play room (our boys have decided to share a room, but more on that later) starting with the legos. I started with this:IMG_1770

And these:

And I turned it all into this:


I am so happy with how this turned out. All of the Legos are organized by color in the small bins on top of the shelf (Also from Ikea). I used the label maker to label each of them.

The large bins in the shelf hold lego booklets, other already built pieces, and other toys. I put all the legos that didn’t fit in the small bins in a large box in the boy’s closet. When these are used up and put together, we can replenish the stock.