How do I camp with toddlers? You make it look so easy to pack up and go- and the thought of camping with kids makes me really nervous.
This is a common question we get from friends.

1)The key, number one thing is to just roll with whatever happens. You can’t make a plan and expect to stick to it 100%. Changes will happen, kids will cry, get dirty, fight, and it’s not always going to go as planned. Know this ahead of time before you get on the road.

2)The second most important thing is organization. This is important. Make checklists and plan to bring the same things every time.
Organize your gear, your food, your shopping trip, clothes, everything. Staying organized helps you feel less stressed and have a better time.

Should I plan activities for our trip? What if we get bored camping?
Camping can be whatever you make it. There are plenty of places to camp that provide endless oportunity for “entertaining” your little ones. These types of activities may include mini golf, go carts, bike paths, shopping, etc and do not need to be planned out ahead of time.
Keep in mind that part of the experience of camping is just getting out there and getting your hands dirty. Encourage the kids to search for rocks, leaves, moss. Go hiking, and make your own fun!

There are so many places to go. How do you decide where to camp?
First- I reccomend deciding what you are looking for in a camping trip. Does it include being busy with exploring a city or town nearby? Or the quiet of the wilderness? Hiking? Conoe trips?
First decide what you are looking for. Then, decide how far you’d like to travel. Once you’ve done this, you can start exploring campgrounds that meet that criteria. You can find reviews of some of the campgrounds we’ve visited with helpful info under “Camp”.