Hello friends! And happy happy Holidays to you and yours from The Ball Camp! Every year as the holidays roll around we get that question from Friends and family- “What is on your Christmas list?” Every year I try and give some ideas that do more than just sends someone to the store or to amazon simply to check the box of crossing me off their list.

There are a lot of companies who’s mission focuses more on giving back than making a profit. I have a few staples that are go-to’s. Ones who’s products I LOVE and love to support more than at Christmastime. I’ve also found a few others that I just think are great for gift giving. Gifts that give back, or gifts that give an experience or support our great outdoors.

I’ve compiled a list, and I hope it helps you find a unique gift or experience for someone you love.


Toms. You probably know this one well. Cute shoes for both kids and adults. They also have bags, sunglasses and other accessories. For each pair of shoes purchased, they give shoes to someone in need.

2. Parks Project

Parks Project is one of my favorite new places to find great little gifts for anyone that loves the great outdoors. It’s a collection of goods that directly fund backlogged projects in the National Parks.

3. Soma Water

We have a really great water pitcher from Soma. It reduces the need for water bottles, AND it donates clean water every time we order a new water filter. They also have adorable water bottles and other goodies.

4. Lula’s Garden

I just came across these recently. Succulents are a hot item right now and these ones come in a box that doubles as a planter so they’re the perfect little gift. Lula’s Garden proudly supports organizations that help improve lives around the world by providing access to safe water.

5. tentree

Tentree is pretty neat. For every tentree item purchased- they plant 10 trees! They even have a tree registration program where you can actually track the trees that you have planted and see how they are making a real-world difference.

6. UNICEF shop.

Unicef is rated one of the best charities to donate to with 88.4% of every dollar going directly to help children. Unicef has a shop full of Christmas card sets, jewelry, toys, puzzles and gifts both for children and adults on your list.

7.Michigan State Park Gift Cards

Switching gears a bit- Giving the gift of Michigan State Park gift cards gives someone you love the chance to camp or visit one of our beautiful state parks. This supports our State Parks and gives your friends one of the best gifts- travel right here at home.

I hope this list has inspired you to consider a gift that gives back. If you have other favorites that give back, please leave a comment and let us know!

We hope you enjoy your holidays and time with family this year!

Merry Christmas!
The Ball Camp

Ian, Jamie, Ethan, Nolan and Greyson