The Fall Color reports are coming in…

Every year we await anxiously to see when the colors will show up in Michigan. Every Michigander knows we’re pretty blessed with the amazing changes the fall brings in the landscape. I for one am pretty excited to get this color show on the road. Not to mention- Hoodies, cider, fires, Fall yall!

I saw an article on Mlive today I wanted to pass on regarding fall colors. Check out their website here for the full report, but it looks like right now they are predicting colors to come a week later than normal. This was fantastic news for us at the Ball Camp, as we’ve been thinking we may miss “peek” color in the UP, planning our trip October 7-10.


Image via | Mark Torregrossa


Peak colors are estimated to occur:

Upper Peninsula – October 7-14
Northern Lower Michigan – October 14-21
Central Lower Michigan – October 21-28
Southern Lower Michigan – October 23-30

This is obviously a forecast, and things change. One really big windstorm and that color could be gone off the trees earlier than we think. Sometimes, the color changes more quickly and these dates could be a week off. It really depends on our weather the next few weeks! I for one, will be crossing my fingers this is accurate.

Visiting the UP in the fall is one thing that every.single. Michigan person or person from out of town must do. If you love the color show under the bridge, make the drive. Do it. It’s only a few hours friends. If you haven’t visited the UP and have no idea where to go, get on the google and start looking for that perfect place! Don’t forget about Airbnb if you don’t want to camp!

Fall camping is one of our favorite things. It’s cold, crips air refreshes your mind and body. The coffee tastes extra warm and amazing. The campgrounds are quiet, most of the “party” people are gone, and it’s just the serious campers who want to get away from it all and take in nature. Check out the DNR Reservation site here for info on campgrounds open and taking reservations. We’re still searching for where we’ll stay. We’re planners like that.

Enjoy the fall colors friends! Comment below and let us know where you’ll be visiting this fall!



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